Unleash the IoT potential of your devices
Industry leading web-based Report Designer
Powerful web-based Dashboard & Data-flow Designer
Gain insights with IoT Ticket Analytics
Easy integration into existing Ecosystems
Global installed base management
Tailored IoT hardware design possibilities
Manage your machines & automation systems

"The most complete, modern and easy to use IoT platform on the market."


Since 1999 we have been connecting devices and machines to the internet. With IoT Ticket we offer you a Ticket to the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond.

Connect your devices to IoT Ticket to create condition, maintenance or status reports to keep track of your assets. Utilize the web-based Desktop to monitor and control them in real time. Read more about IoT benefits.

Capitalize on our experience and create meaningful reports, real-time dashboards or run analytic queries.

Get your Ticket to the Internet of Things today!

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